Interview Tips & Questions for Freshers

Interview Tips & Questions for Freshers

Interview tips for freshers that would ace up your job interview. Now you have finished your education and you are heading towards a new face of life. So, you really don’t want to goof up. So, freshers here are some tips that would help you to answer the most common questions that are asked in an interview:

  • The first common question that’s asked in an interview is tell me about yourself. So, before answering the question remember that the person who is asking you this question is not someone you met at a coffee shop, well so things like I love being on Facebook or I have three girlfriends in my college days is not the right thing to mention, well the important things that you need to mention is your education background, your family background like I live with my parents and I have two siblings but don’t get in too much detail or probably you can talk about your personality traits and also you can talk about the things that you like to do in your free time.

So, these are the things that you need to include when this question is put forward.

  • The second common question that’s asked is why should we hire you, well here the person is asking you this question because he wants to know if you’re really serious about this job or probably you’re just here because you’re jobless or you’re here because you want to make some quick money to buy a smartphone. So, if you are really serious about this job the things that you need to mention are about your skills and your abilities and also back it up with some examples.

Now remember a company would only hire you if you add value to their organization, so the skills that would be helpful to this kind of a job that you have applied for would be perfect to mention to the interviewer, so go ahead talk about your abilities and talk about your skills.

  • The third common question that you would come across is talk about your strengths. So, whether you are a fresher or probably just going for another interview this question has to come, so you need to be prepared well in advance but what you need to do is list your strengths and back it up with some examples.

For example, if you have to talk about your leadership qualities then what you can do is you can say that I was leading a big presentation in my college and the presentation did extremely well and she received a lot of kudos so this would talk about your leadership qualities, another skill that you can talk about is your petrology, well yes of course that’s a strength now again back it up with an example. You can mention that you used to submit all your projects and your assignments way before the deadline date. So, again these talks about your punctuality and then there are certain skills that you can talk about like how hard-working you are or you can grasp things really quickly and please mentioned examples to it okay so this is the way you will talk about your strengths.

  • The fourth common question that a fresher would come across is are you planning for your future studies, well it’s important to mention if you are you need to handle this question very tactfully because here the company wants to know if you are taking up this job for good or are you just using their training resources and then saying goodbye to them. So, if you are pursuing studies then please do mention and give a reason to it and even if you’re doing some distance education or probably, you’re doing a part-time course then please do mention it in an interview.

The reason because if you get this interview if you get this job then you might have to apply for leaves that you have your exams right, so do not lie and go ahead and tell them that if you are pursuing future studies.

  • The fifth and the last question is that, what do you know about our company. Well, if you have a job interview lined up don’t just wake up in the morning and get all dressed up and then go for the interview would not make any sense. Well, you need to be prepared for this interview, so when you know what company, you’re going to for the interview then use your search tools on the internet or go ahead and look at the company’s website learn and understand what the companies into, what products they make or who are their clients and so on.

These details will be helpful to you, when you go for an interview, you are well prepared and you know what the company into and of course you will be able to talk much better when you are confident about what the companies into.

So, before you go for an interview prepare well and don’t just go boast about yourself that how good you are and you have like the best skills ever well just tell the facts and don’t lie and also please follow these tips so that you aced the next job interview you are going.

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