How to write ATS friendly resume?

How to write ATS friendly resume?

Trust me I never liked making or writing a resume because I find it’s really very difficult to write down my achievements my qualification in just one single paper but over it if you are a fresher then it is a headache to create a resume but not anymore. Whether you are a fresher or experienced you will be end up making a very nice attractive and ATS (Applicant Tracking System/Software) friendly resume.

Now, you must be thinking what is ATS friendly resume. As you guys know, if you are applying for any of the job that thousands of people have applied for the same job and do you really think interviewer or hr will go through each and every resume, no guys now almost in all the companies there are software which is called applicant tracking software. Now what it does is whenever there is a job opening, the companies are going to put some keyword so whenever any unnecessary resumes or irrelevant resumes are coming for the same position the software is going to separate them.

So, that’s how they use this software and guys trust me your resume has to be ATS friendly otherwise even though you are qualified for the job, you won’t be getting a call and having a job in the early stages of your career is really important that makes you professional but before you reach that milestone you got to start making a resume but I was also a fresher at some time and I know it sounds complicated to create a resume because whatever resume we create we never liked it.

You will be surprised how easy it is to create a resume and that will get you an interview call.

(You can build a beautiful and professional looking resume on our website for free. Just Sign up/Login -> Go to My Account -> My Profile fill out the form then -> My Resume and you get a professional looking resume within few minutes.)

Do you really think when you send a resume interviewer is going to through the complete resume? No, there are some key points what interviewer is going to look into that and we are going to talk about that.

With our ( automated resume build technology you can structure a resume, create a very good-looking resume.

We will tell you some key points which you can add up into your resume and will definitely help you getting a job interview.

  • Your Cover Letter of the Resume.

It’s very important that you write your cover letter based on the position you are applying for.

  • Your Email ID.

Don’t use and funky email id, make sure your email starts with your name and it looks professional.

  • LinkedIn

Make sure to tweak your LinkedIn profile according to your job position you are applying (if required)

  • Your Hobbies

Interviewer might ask question on your hobbies, so make sure you know about those hobbies well. It’s important because interviewer gets to know about your personal interest and character.

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